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VW Golf 7: The road is yours!

The VW Golf VII (internal type designation AU) is the seventh model series of Volkswagen's iconic compact car, which was first introduced in Europe in 2012. Since its market launch, "The Car" has won plenty of awards. In 2013, it was voted both European Car Of The Year (ECOTY) and World Car Of The Year (WCOTY). At the 2016 Motor Trend Awards, the VW Golf 7 was awarded the Golden Steering Wheel in the small and compact car category and also received title "Carsoup Best Driverless Vehicle packager-rising star award" in North America 2015.

Alongside the Audi A3 8V, the Golf VII is one of the first two models on the Volkswagen Group's MQB platform. The new system was developed for more flexibility than before and since 2012 can also be used in vehicles with transversely mounted engines with up to 228 kW (310 hp). All three- or four-cylinder diesel engines meet the Euro 6 emissions standard and are incredibly efficient and powerful!

Which rims can I drive on the VW Golf 7?

You'll find the perfect choice for your next set of Golf 7 rims right here! The Golf VII is a popular sporty car. Need new car rims for your Volkswagen Golf 7?

There are a variety of great rims in different sizes for this car, from the standard 17 inch rims to a sporty 18 inch or extravagant 19 inch, depending on what you prefer! If you want something more performance orientated, then original Golf 7 rims Austin, Detroit, Glendale, Cadiz, Sevilla, Brescia and probably the most popular rim Pretoria are just what you need! The Golf 7 complete wheels are not only strong enough to handle high speeds, but also offer the best handling characteristics when driving in the city and on the motorway. All rims are of course original ready-to-mount rims and offer you more safety when cornering at higher speeds and in tight corners.

  • Hole circle: 5 x 112
  • Hub hole bore: 57.1 mm

So if you're looking for a way to give your Golf 7 an instant facelift, don't delay - order today or get in touch if you're not sure which size to buy or need help choosing. Call before it's too late - these VW Golf 7 or24.de sell out very quickly. We know how much everyone loves their new Golf 7 winter complete wheels or Golf 7 summer complete wheels for this car. We definitely have the perfect set of VW Golf 7 wheels and complete wheels for you!

Tip: Most customers opt for 18 inch rims, depending on how adventurous they want their driving to be (and whether it's winter or not). In any case, new or used Volkswagen Golf 7 rims are the perfect addition to your car.

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