VW Golf rims with summer or winter tyres

The VW Golf: a car which makes history

"It has already surpassed the Beetle and former worldwide record holder in terms of unit sales in June 2002." (www.welt.de)

But who is this He" anyway and why is he so successful? We at the or24.de team sat down and had a few thoughts about it:

  1. The Golf suits everyone
    Whether for professionals, novice drivers or people of a certain age - the Golf appeals to many generations with its size and design. It can also win over many people with its price-performance ratio.

  2. A VW Golf remains true to itself
    The design of the Golf is simply always stylish, timeless and with a dash of sportiness. Young drivers will find the Golf a perfect basis for creating a chic and even sportier vehicle with a few tuning measures. Those who like it a little more inconspicuous can simply leave the VW Golf as it is.

  3. Technically always up to date
    Even if it does not always look like this from the outside due to its timeless design, VW always keeps its compact class up to date with the latest technology.
    In the last three generations, Volkswagen has tended to follow the path of evolution. This means that the technical platform is always developed for two Golf generations. This is also the case with the Golf 7 and the upcoming Golf 8.
    The Golf 8 therefore continues to use the MQB (Modular Transverse Toolkit) as its technical basis. The development focus of the new Golf is therefore more on the renewal of the infotainment system and the assistance systems.

Original Golf rims versus tuning/accessory rims

The Golf is the most successful car ever developed and produced in Germany. As a result, the first generations of the successful model (Golf 1, Golf 2, Golf 3, Golf 4) have already matured into real classics. But have you ever seen an older Golf in good condition with tuned rims? Probably not.

Tuning plagiarisms are often not made of high-quality aluminium, but of cheaper aluminium alloys. These corrode very quickly, which means that your initially stylish accessory rims will look used up relatively quickly. At the points where a rim corrodes, there is not only a visual defect, but also a safety hazard, because corroded parts break much more quickly and can even cause dangerous accidents when the vehicle is in full swing.

More reasons why rims from the tuning market are not a good choice for your Golf:

  • lack of fitting accuracy
  • increased hubcap loss
  • rapid wear
  • insufficient quality control during production

Advantages of original VW Golf rims

The most decisive factor why you should opt for an original VW rim is the enormous safety gain you achieve. But just take a look at the original Volkswagen rims in our shop. You will see that they have a noble, timeless and high-quality design, just like the cars themselves. So they're a perfect match for your VW Golf.

And who knows, maybe your Golf with or24.de will become a classic one day.

Other advantages of or24.de.

  • only first-class materials are used
  • higher ride comfort due to good absorption of impacts, potholes
  • reliability in dangerous situations due to strict quality controls
  • reduced weight due to high-quality aluminium, thus reduced fuel consumption and more agile handling
  • no loss of hub caps

VW Golf wheel rim sizes

For the models or series VW Golf 5 6 7 e... VW Golf 5 6 7 e-Golf Alltrack Sportsvan GTI GTD, we have the following wheel sizes in the Volkswagen Shop: 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch

A little more dynamic and sporty

Would you like your Golf, Passat or Polo to go in the really sporty direction when it comes to wheels and show at a glance that there is temperament in the wheels? The VW R-Line makes it possible. Instead of performance-enhancing engines, it's all about the visual change towards more dynamics, sportiness and power. R-Line wheels give the already very sporty VW models that certain something. The rims are available for the VW models Tiguan, Beetle, Golf Touareg, Passat and Touran, among others.