VW Touareg rims with summer or winter tyres

VW Touareg: The (secret) top model Volkswagen

It is now quite official: the Touareg is the largest and most luxurious model from the Wolfsburg-based carmaker. However, VW's large SUV was not always considered the brand's top model, as there was also the VW Pheaton for a time. But it was still a bit more expensive than the Touareg and could not compete with the Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series in terms of image. As a result, sales of the luxury saloon were rather sluggish.

The Touareg, on the other hand, sold very well as an SUV right from the start and was well received by customers due to its design and good price-performance ratio. But the big one" also differs from the other VW models in terms of technology. Like the Audi Q7, it uses a drive unit that has long been built into the vehicle. Together with the air suspension, which was also used in the predecessor models (Type 7L and Type 7P), this results in a very sovereign and well-fitting ride.

The technical standard of the current Touareg, the Type CR, is also immediately noticeable in this model. For example, VW has installed a huge 15-inch central display in the interior. Also available for the Touareg is a very sophisticated rear-axle steering system - something you can only find in a top model like the VW Touareg.

Advantages of original VW Touareg rims and wheels

The most decisive factor why you should opt for original Volkswagen Touareg rims is the enormous safety gain you will achieve. But just take a look at the original Volkswagen rims in our shop. You will see that they have a noble, timeless and high-quality design just like the cars themselves. This makes them a perfect match for your VW Touareg. SUV rims and complete wheels must of course also have a certain robustness and be able to withstand high loads, e.g. from towing a trailer.

Volkswagen has decades of experience in rim construction - so you can rely on first-class quality even under difficult conditions.

Other advantages of or24.de are:

  1. only first-class materials are used
  2. higher ride comfort due to good absorption in case of impacts,
  3. Reliability in dangerous situations due to strict quality controls
  4. Reduced weight due to high-quality aluminium resulting in reduced fuel consumption and more agile handling
  5. No loss of hub caps

Volkswagen Touareg wheel rim sizes

For the models and series Touareg VW 7L and Touareg VW 7L, respectively. For the Touareg VW 7L 7P models or series, we have the following wheel sizes in the Volkswagen Shop: 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch

A bit more dynamic and sporty

You want your Touareg, Golf or Passat to go in the really sporty direction when it comes to wheels and show at a glance that there is temperament in the wheels? The VW R-Line makes it possible. Instead of performance-enhancing engines, it's all about the visual change towards more dynamics, sportiness and power. R-Line alloy wheels add that certain something to the already very sporty VW models. The rims are available for the VW models Tiguan, Beetle, Golf Touareg, Passat and Touran, among others.

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A well-stocked selection of different rim models for your VW Touareg awaits you in our online shop. Our range includes cast wheels, forged wheels, summer wheels and winter wheels as well as the matching tyres. If you are looking for wheels and tyres, we recommend our complete wheels, which include both and are therefore a particularly convenient all-in-one solution. So you're sure to find the "right footwear" for your Touareg in our shop - and at prices up to 70% below the manufacturer's price.

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