VW Passat rims with summer or winter tyres

VW Passat: Sovereign in design, technology and image

Design: The VW Passat is a car of the middle class. But this is a matter of opinion, because in terms of technology, size and quality, it can also be counted among the upper middle class.

But back to Passat design - one reason why the car is so successful. The Passat's designers always manage to create a timeless design without making the mid-range model seem out of fashion.

This makes it equally desirable as a family estate, business saloon or practical everyday companion.

Technology: In previous Passat generations (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7), the mid-range model was often the flagship in the Volkswagen Group. As a result, the Passat is also one of the first to benefit from new technical innovations developed at Volkswagen AG.

This is also true of the current model, the Passat B8 - it is the first model from the Wolfsburg carmaker's workshop to use the new Modular Information Toolkit (MIB). This means that the current Passat is once again setting standards in this area.

Image: Have you ever heard derogatory remarks when someone says they bought a VW Passat? Certainly not, because neither have we. The Passat has many features that make us buyers happy.

As an estate it is practical, as a saloon it is very comfortable and as a Passat Coupe (Passat CC) it can also be classy. But we mustn't forget that it has had very solid and durable technology on board for almost 40 years. It is simply a superior car in all respects.

Advantages of original VW Passat rims and wheels

The most decisive factor why you should decide in favour of an original VW rim is the enormous safety gain you achieve. But just take a look at the original Volkswagen Passat rims in our shop.

You will see that they have a noble, timeless and high-quality design, just like the cars themselves. This makes them the perfect match for your VW Passat.

Further advantages of original rims for VW Passat:

  1. only first-class materials are used
  2. increased driving comfort due to good absorption in case of impacts,
  3. Reliability in dangerous situations due to strict quality controls
  4. Reduced weight due to high-quality aluminium resulting in reduced fuel consumption and more agile handling
  5. No loss of hub caps

Volkswagen Passat wheel rim sizes

For the models or model series Passat Passat VW 3B 3BG 3C Alltrack B8 CC models or series, we have the following wheel sizes in the Volkswagen Shop: 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch

VW Passat complete wheels: Even more dynamic and sporty

Would you like your Passat, Golf or Polo to go in the really sporty direction when it comes to wheels and show at a glance that there is temperament in the wheels? The VW R-Line makes it possible. Instead of performance-enhancing engines, it's all about the visual change towards more dynamics, sportiness and power. R-Line wheels add that certain something to the already very sporty VW models.