VW Bus Multivan rims with summer or winter tyres

VW Bulli: a family member that has grown up

Many VW Bus drivers have a very emotional attachment to their Bulli. Maybe you're one of them, too, thinking of your Bulli as more of a family member than a vehicle? Gotcha!

If so, you've probably noticed that the VW Bus has really grown up over the decades. Just take a look at pictures of the VW T1, T2 - its compact dimensions and friendly face" make it seem almost childlike.

The T3 continued the design language of the two predecessor models, but was technically advanced in many areas.

The T4 then introduced a revolution by switching from a rear engine to front-wheel drive. In the higher equipment lines, the VW Transporter was given a new name: the Multivan was born.

In the T5, the driving behaviour was improved and raised to a level similar to that of a passenger car.

With the T6 generation, luxury and digitalisation finally made their way into the VW Bus.

VW T5, T6 T6.1 wheels and complete wheels: not only retro is lifestyle

Yes, it's true that a T5 or T6 from Volkswagen may not be retro yet, but it can already offer lifestyle. However, we are of the opinion that this lifestyle can only be transported with attractive "footwear".

Wheels on a VW T5 T6 T6.1 bus - Just imagine driving your somewhat aged but faithful Volkswagen T5 T6 T6.1 to a Bulli meeting on the Baltic coast or at a beautiful lake in Bavaria and looking at many beautiful rims on other Bullis. Then you look at the "feet" of your T5 and think to yourself: "yes, it could really do with something new".

At or24.de you can find suitable rims and also complete wheels for your Bulli and thus put it back on "nice feet". But not only the appearance of your VW Bus T5 will improve, but also the safety, because you know that your Bulli is a practical man and sometimes has to carry heavy loads. Consequently, its wheel and tyre combination is also subject to a lot of wear and tear.

If you already drive a somewhat newer Multivan, perhaps the T6 or even the T6.1, you will also find what you are looking for in our shop. Maybe you saved a little when you bought your VW Bus T6 and opted for simple aluminium rims or even steel rims. But now you want to upgrade your bus and give it new complete wheels. Our selection of original VW T6 rims, tyres and complete wheels is huge.

Our Top 5 at VW T5, T6 T6. 1 Rims Complete Wheels 18 Inch:

  • Disc
  • Springfield
  • Palmerston
  • Toluca
  • Canberra

New original rims for your VW Bus Multivan T5 T6 T6. 1:

  • Valdivia
  • Teresina
  • Aracaju
  • Posada

Part numbers of the best VW T5 T6 T6.1 rims

Here we have compiled a list of the best VW T5, T6 and T6.1 rims for you with the corresponding names and part numbers. This will help you find the VW Bus alloy wheels you want all the quicker. We also sell all these rims in our rim shop. Either as a rim or in combination with tyres as summer or winter complete wheels.

Part numbers VW Bus rims:

  • Disc rims: 7E0601025R
  • Canberra rims: 7E0601025D
  • Springfield rims: 7E0601025Q
  • Palmerston rims: 7E0601025S
  • Toluca rims: 7E0601025H
  • Cascavel rims: 7E0601025L
  • Woodstock rims: 7E0601025T
  • Posada rims: 7LA601025
  • Teresina rims: 7LA601025D
  • Aracaju rims: 7LA601025E
  • Valdivia rims: 7LA601025B

VW Bus T5 T6 rim sizes

For the models or series Bus Multivan Caravelle. For the models or series Bus Multivan Caravelle Transporter VW T5 T6 we have the following rim sizes in the Volkswagen Shop: 17 inch, 18 inch

And now you might ask yourself why you should buy original VW rims at Original-Räder.de and not normally at your VW dealer?

That is actually quite simple: Due to our large sales volumes when purchasing, we can offer you a much more attractive price than the "friendly" around the corner. In addition, we also have a large contingent of used and new aluminium rims and complete wheels thanks to our generous storage facilities. Of course, this offers you even more opportunities to save money.

Look in our VW wheel catalogue - there you will find used and new wheels, complete winter wheels and complete summer wheels for your Volkswagen Bus T5 T6. The unique rim designs will make your heart beat faster. Want to bet? The summer tyres and winter tyres with rims are specially designed for your Volkswagen. This gives you optimum handling and definitely more driving pleasure thanks to the customised or tuned wheel and tyre combinations. You can now buy your original VW complete wheels and aluminium rims online at the best prices and even have a 100-day right of withdrawal! So, choose your desired VW rims now, order them immediately and they will be with you in 2-3 days. Tell your friends about or24.de so that they can always reach their destination safely with the best quality. Thank you and have fun! So, and now just buy the original VW Bus T5 T6.1 rims with summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres.