The best Tesla winter wheels for you!

Are you ready to get through the winter season in style and comfort? Our wide selection of high-quality Telsa winter wheels has it all. With fast shipping from Germany, secure payment options and our expert staff, we've got everything your car needs!

The winter season is fast approaching, with temperatures dropping below 7 degrees: time to replace your summer tyres with a set of Tesla winter rims. These offer many advantages, as they are optimised for cold weather, so they provide safety and relief on slushy or snow-covered roads.

Winter wheels thus offer better traction on icy roads and better handling when driving through snowdrifts at low speeds (and who doesn't love that?).

Where can I find Tesla winter wheels?

You are looking for Tesla winter wheels, i.e. rims with matching Tesla winter tyres and want to buy them cheap online?

Then Original Räder is the right place for you!

With winter wheels, the winter tyres are already pre-mounted and can be fitted to your model immediately upon receipt. The advantages of winter wheels are the special safety features in cold temperatures, as well as the better braking values on slippery roads.

You can order reliable Tesla winter wheels at the best prices. The winter wheels have a sporty design and are perfectly matched to your Tesla.

However, we would like to give you a special tip: Order your winter wheels in the summer! Why? Because they're definitely cheaper!

Tesla Winter Wheels, Winter Tyres, and Winter Rims

Tesla winter wheels in use

What does a set of Tesla winter wheels cost?

A set of Tesla rims with winter tyres can cost anywhere from a few hundred € to several thousand €. Of course, the price depends on what type and size you want and where you get them! With you get our Nowhere Cheaper Guarantee, which means we guarantee you the best price.

So if you buy a set of rims with winter tyres from us and then find an identical product with the same specifications elsewhere, we'll refund you the difference. You also get a free tyre warranty. Sounds good, doesn't it?

5 good reasons to buy original Tesla winter wheels

Here are 5 good reasons to equip your car with the best original Tesla winter wheels

  1. Tesla winter wheels are optimised specifically for your model
  2. Best premium manufacturer quality Tesla winter tyres
  3. Tesla winter wheels do not have to be registered
  4. Absolute fitting accuracy of the Tesla winter wheels
  5. Rims with Tesla winter tyres are immediately mountable