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Original Tesla Rims and Complete Wheels

Tesla Rims are perfect for you! With a set of these high-quality Tesla complete wheels, you'll be ready for any adventure. We have a variety of designs and sizes, so no matter what model you drive, we have one that's just right for your Tesla! ✔

Original Tesla Wheels - A Unique Brand Deserves the Best Wheels

Please don't let anyone tell you that accessory wheels are just as well matched to your vehicle as Original Tesla Wheels. This is not true and is not possible with off-the-shelf wheels. Only with original Tesla alloy wheels can you achieve perfect vehicle performance. Not only do they make your car look more elegant and chic, but they also ensure that your car is perfectly tuned to your model. The Tesla rims and complete wheels that you will find in our or24.de shop have been specially designed and developed by Tesla. In our online shop you can order your new Tesla rims with just a few clicks. Just browse our Tesla category for your new Tesla complete wheels.

Tesla complete wheels - on the road with ambition

Tesla rims are already a real eye-catcher, because they are not only beautiful, but also have great advantages such as the reduction of air resistance due to their specific aero design. During the production of the Tesla Original rims, attention was paid to the smallest detail. They also have high safety standards thanks to constant quality controls. In addition to the visual perfection, Tesla alloy wheels offer you an enormous degree of safety and comfort, because original Tesla complete wheels are guaranteed to fit!

Upgrade your Tesla today with a new set of or24.de!

Our Tesla complete wheels are the perfect upgrade for your car. With a new set of Tesla wheels, you can improve the look and performance of your car all at once. Live up to your standards. Tesla alloy wheels are designed to fit your Tesla model perfectly, so you can enjoy the best handling and style. Order your new Tesla wheels today at or24.de.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum fitting accuracy
  • Increased value retention
  • Longevity and high mileage
  • Excellent quality

Tesla rims shop at or24. de - Everything fits here

Since 2020, we have been offering original Tesla rims and complete wheels in our rim shop. Convince yourself of our simple processing, our friendly staff and our 5-star service. The team at or24.de has set itself the goal of working to the same high quality as the products we offer in our shop.

Want to buy Tesla wheels? Then or24.de is the right place for you! In our shop we have 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 inch original Tesla wheels for the following models:

  • Tesla Model 3 Rims
  • Tesla Model S Rims
  • Tesla Model X Rims
  • Tesla Model Y Rims

Have fun shopping! If you have any questions, just call: +49 3831 / 66 77 110 or send us an email: info@or24.de

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