Tesla Model 3 rims with summer or winter tyres

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Original Tesla Model 3 Rims and Wheels

Original Tesla Model 3 rims and wheels

or24.de offers an extensive range of Tesla Model 3 rims and wheels. With summer or winter tyres and exclusive warranties on original products, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our online shop. or24.de also has a wide selection of Tesla OEM rims that fit all of your vehicle's needs, both technically and visually. You can count on top quality at low prices when you buy new or used rims here! These are the original rims that make your car look as if it came straight off the manufacturer's assembly line! Choose between summer and winter models for a smooth, worry-free ride all year round.

Optically and technically perfectly matched

Tesla's years of experience in the world of automotive design have not only led to their revolutionary electric car, but also a lifestyle for drivers. More dedicated than ever - Tesla wants you to enjoy your vehicle as much as possible while using an eco-friendly car that also helps make our planet cleaner! Tesla's rigorous quality control ensures that we can deliver only the best at a fair price. We're committed to providing a first-class service, while offering a superb range of genuine new and used Tesla wheels to keep your car looking as good on the outside as it does on the inside. You can rely on us if you're looking for something specific or aren't sure what type of wheel is right for your vehicle, feel free to contact us.

Tesla - Electric Grace on the Road

The Tesla Model 3 is the newest electric car on the market and is already breaking records. The highly anticipated vehicle was unveiled on 31 March 2016 and has been praised by critics and people alike - and why not? The incredibly sleek design offers a range of 430 kilometres per charge and harks back to its luxury roots with premium interiors designed for both comfort and efficiency. The Tesla Model 3 will come standard with wheels that are made from an aluminium alloy. The design of the wheel is reminiscent of a turbine and they have been specifically designed to improve aerodynamics at high speeds for better energy efficiency. These new features on an electric car show how far technology has advanced in recent years and make it easier than ever to make a greener choice when buying your next vehicle.