BMW M5 rims with summer or winter tyres

Original BMW M5 rims - Fast shipping from Germany? Yes, of course!

What does a normal" day of an M5 driver actually look like? We've had a think about it and think that this daily routine can be pretty close to yours. After you have done all your morning chores, you open your garage and rejoice for the first time that day. This happens to you every day, because the sporty look of your M5 always puts a smile on your face.

After that, however, the practical talents of your M model are called for, because the children have to go to school. Even the kids feel comfortable in the M5, they have plenty of space and can enjoy the latest infotainment equipment in the rear seats.

A BMW M5 also wants to be financed, of course, which is why we're off to a business meeting 300 km away. The motorway is clear and the M5 audibly shows what it's made of.

Result: You arrive at your meeting 20 minutes early and have that grin on your face again. The day flies by because you are productive and secretly looking forward to the return journey.

Suddenly you remember the former military airport that a business colleague recently told you about. It has been converted into a freely accessible racetrack and is on your way. You don't hesitate for long and drive straight there. Now the "wolf in sheep's clothing" turns into a beast and visibly lets his butt hang out. Yes, and what else can you say, you drift off into the darkness and end the day, how could it be otherwise, with a smile on your face.

Nice to know: The BMW M5 is now in its 6th generation of production. The direct predecessors to the current F90 model are the F10, E60/E61, E39S, E34S and E28S.

A BMW M5 is a car with the very highest standards. That is why this vehicle in particular is also regarded as an innovation and technology leader at BMW. But the wheel and tyre combinations that go with the M5 are also of the highest quality. This means that most M5 rims are forged and not cast.

This makes the original BMW M5 alloy rims stronger. This in turn has the effect that the M5 rims can be designed more filigree and are therefore lighter.

As a die-hard BMW driver, you also know that the Bavarian brand does not rest on its laurels. For this reason, BMW equips its development centres with a great deal of technical know-how in order to constantly achieve new quality standards. Today, BMW M5 alloy wheels are not only made of various aluminium alloys, but also of ultra-modern materials such as carbon or high-strength steels.

Advantages of BMW M5 wheels:

  • Optimum fitting accuracy for your BMW M5
  • Rims matched to your car
  • Increased value retention of the entire vehicle
  • High mileage due to excellent quality

BMW M5 rim sizes

For the models or series M5 BMW we have a wide range of rim sizes available. BMW M5 models or series, we have the following rim sizes in the BMW Shop: 19 inch, 20 inch

Sporty design of BMW M5 alloy wheels

Sportiness and dynamism characterise the design of every BMW M5 rim. On the M models, this sporting characteristic reaches its peak. Although the BMW M5 complete wheels are subject to increased loads due to the high engine power, they are still very filigree in design. This also gives the rim a special visual lightness.

So, and now just buy the original BMW M5 alloy wheels with summer tyres or winter tyres.