BMW i3 rims with summer or winter tyres

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Order BMW i3 rims online - it's easy. Promised!

BMW is more than just a brand. In fact, every BMW stands for a special attitude to life and technology in perfection. If you are looking for rims for your BMW i3, take a look at our selection of affordable i3 rims of the best BMW quality. The rims convince with low weight, best driving characteristics and a noble, sporty look. We carry the right rims in 18 inch, 19 inch or 20 inch.

Sporty original i3 wheels

A sporty aluminium rim also enhances your BMW i3. Aluminium rims offer the advantage of lower weight compared to conventional steel rims. This not only improves driving characteristics, such as acceleration and braking, but also reduces wear on shock absorbers and wheel suspension. In addition, lighter i3 complete wheels also mean reduced fuel consumption.

More safety, dynamics and comfort with i3 rims

Rims are the most important interface between the body, drive and tyres on your car. In addition to the correct inch size, all other parameters must also fit so that the complete wheel guarantees the best possible driving characteristics. These include, for example, the rim width, the bolt circle and the offset. All Original i3 BMW rims are perfectly matched to your vehicle and offer optimum running characteristics on all surfaces and in all situations.