Audi RS6 rims with summer or winter tyres

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With the A6, Audi has a real success model in its range, which is already rolling off the production line in its fourth generation under this type designation. The Audi RS6 is the top model in this series, which is designed to appeal to sporty, ambitious drivers with an enormously powerful engine and a particularly sporty vehicle design. Whether as a saloon or estate, the RS6 impresses with absolute top values in every body style. At the same time, the RS6 always offers the familiar comfort of an upper mid-range vehicle and thus combines the best of both worlds. It goes without saying that a vehicle of this extra class also needs the right rims. Genuine Audi rims meet the performance and visual requirements in every respect, making them the perfect accessories for the Audi RS6.

Audi RS6 wheels make the difference between handling and looks

Audi RS6 complete wheels refine any vehicle in no time at all and are among the most popular car accessories for more reasons than just that. They are an excellent way to give a car a particularly individual and sporty touch, making it a real eye-catcher. On a vehicle like the Audi RS6, high-quality alloy wheels are a matter of course, because only they meet all the requirements, both visually and technically. Original light-alloy rims, together with the right tyres, guarantee control of the vehicle in a wide variety of driving situations and even at the limit. On the Audi RS6 in particular, the rims have to withstand enormous forces and therefore meet the highest quality standards. Genuine rims for the RS6 are an important component for the precise interaction of a powerful engine and sporty chassis. They are therefore essential for safely exploiting the full potential of the RS6.

Audi RS6 rim sizes

We have the following rim sizes in our shop for the Audi RS6 models or model series: 20 inch, 21 inch

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In our online shop, we offer you winter complete wheels and summer complete wheels for your RS6. The summer tyres and winter tyres with rims are specially designed for your Audi RS6, giving you optimum handling. Our range extends from Audi rims in Rotor design to S Line rims and Competition rims, giving you plenty of choice. However, you can not only buy rims online, but also complete wheels. We recommend these as a particularly convenient solution if you also need winter or summer tyres.