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The Q3 8U compact SUV is one of the highlights in the model portfolio of Audi, the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt, and has become a real sales hit since its premiere in 2011. It combines the advantages of a compact car with those of an SUV, and with this mixture it delights the most diverse groups of buyers. For particularly sporty drivers, Audi presented the RSQ3 in 2013. Thanks to its powerful 340 hp engine and sporty, taut chassis design, it promises pure driving pleasure with the usual high Audi quality. The right rims not only complement the Q3 RS perfectly in terms of looks, but also ensure perfect handling in all conceivable driving situations. Original alloy wheels from Audi are therefore the first choice if you want to get the most out of your Audi RSQ3.

Top performance thanks to Audi RS Q3 wheels

Attractive looks, low weight and outstanding handling - these are just three of the reasons that speak in favour of alloy wheels. For many, the focus is clearly on design, because alloy wheels can be used to enhance the look of a vehicle in no time at all. Hardly anything else changes a car so quickly and gives it an individual sporty touch in just a few simple steps. However, light-alloy rims not only bring about a visual change, but are also noticeable in the vehicle's handling. Thanks to the comparatively low weight, the handling is much more agile, which is an important argument in favour of alloy wheels, especially for vehicles like the Audi RSQ3. They are a perfect match for the sporty set-up of this car and impress not only with the best performance, but also with maximum safety in all driving situations. Original Audi alloy wheels are not only precisely matched to the RSQ3, they are also subjected to the most stringent tests before being sold and therefore meet the highest quality standards.

Audi RSQ3 8U F3 wheel sizes

For the models or model series Audi RSQ3 8U and Audi RSQ3 F3. Audi RSQ3 8U F3 models or series, we have the following wheel sizes in our Audi Shop: 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 21 inch

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In our online shop, we offer you complete winter wheels and complete summer wheels for your Audi RS Q3. The summer tyres and winter tyres with rims are specially designed for your Audi RS Q3, giving you optimum handling. Our assortment ranges from Audi rims in Rotor design to S Line rims and Competition rims, giving you plenty of choice. However, you can not only buy rims online, but also complete wheels. We recommend these as a particularly convenient solution if you also need winter or summer tyres.