Audi 17 inch rims A3 S3 8Y summer tires summer wheels alloy rims 8Y0601025A

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Good Very good New

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Audi A3 | S3 8Y (2020-20**)

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Summer tyres

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100% OEM rims Audi
Delivery time Delivery 5 - 7 days
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Delivery 5 - 7 days Delivery time


The rims are NEW. The rims were mounted directly from a new vehicle and then covered with new summer tires, see photos.

Alloy rims

8.0 x 17 ET 46

Part Number

8Y0601025A (silver)

Tire manufacturer

Pirelli Cinturato P7 summer tires AO

Wheel size

225/45 R17 91Y DOT: 2020

Profile depth approx .

New (new tires are usually 8 mm)

Vehicle models

Audi A3 S3 8Y

Scope of delivery

4x rims + 4x tires mounted, without pictured rim cover (brand emblem)


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General information

All complete wheels are fully assembled and can be rebalanced upon request. The rim caps are not included in the scope of delivery, but can be ordered as an option. Wheel bolts are also not included in the scope of delivery. As a rule, however, you can use the existing screws on your original rims here. As a rule, no TÜV registration is required for the models listed. Please refer to your COC data sheet to check. There it is recorded whether the desired wheel and tire combination is entered.

Do you have any change requests?

You would like to order these rims but have a different set of tyres fitted? Perhaps you would like to have the rims painted from silver to black or powder-coated, for example? No problem! We can help you with anything you want.

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Nowhere cheaper Guarantee

We guarantee that you will not get the wheels and rims presented in our shop, whether summer or winter tyres, cheaper anywhere else at the same time, not even directly from the respective manufacturer, in a shop or other online shops. If you have bought a set of rims or tyres in our shop but find a cheaper offer with identical conditions elsewhere within 48 hours, we will pay you back the difference.

Detailed guarantee conditions

Free tyre guarantee

Our free tyre guarantee provides you with comprehensive cover in the event of a puncture. You get this guarantee free of charge with every purchase of original rims with summer or winter tyres.

Detailed guarantee conditions

Buyback guarantee

We now offer you a special security: In addition to favourable prices, you will receive our exclusive buy-back guarantee when you purchase original rims or wheel sets. With this promise we would like to inform you that we will buy back your rims or complete wheel sets purchased from us if you wish and if the conditions mentioned below are fulfilled!

Detailed guarantee conditions

100 days money back guarantee

With our "100 days money back guarantee", you have the possibility to return your purchase to us after a maximum of 100 days with a full refund of the purchase price. However, the following conditions must be met. Read the detailed guarantee conditions now.

Detailed guarantee conditions
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Balance | 4 pcs
Small unbalances can also occur during professional storage. to vibrations on the steering wheel. In order to avoid subsequent costs, we recommend re-balancing the wheels.

Available with summer or winter tires!
Wheel bolts
As a rule, you can use your serial screws. If your wheel bolts are corroded or hard, we recommend that you renew them. The set includes 20x wheel bolts.

Available with summer or winter tires!
Wheel locks | 4 pcs
Four wheel bolts with a special head which is only compatible with the supplied attachment and can prevent the theft of your rims.

Available with summer or winter tires!
Center caps | 4 pcs
Four center caps for your wheel. We gurantee 100% fitment.

Available with summer or winter tires!
TPMS-Sensors | 4 pcs
There are two different systems for determining the tire pressure. If your vehicle has an active tire pressure control system, you need RDK sensors. If a passive system is installed which measures the tire pressure via the ABS sensor, no additional RDK modules are necessary. Do I have an active or a passive system? The following features point to an active system: valves made of aluminum, gray valve caps, for each wheel the exact tire pressure can be called up in the menu of your vehicle. If in doubt, ask your dealer or contact us.

Available with summer or winter tires!
Tree donation | 1 tree
Become a tree sponsor now and make a small contribution to climate protection. Original Wheels takes on half the cost of a single donation. In cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE® we have already bought 100 trees. You will then receive a global certificate with the coordinates of where your tree was planted in Germany. When 100 trees are used up, we make an advance payment so that there are always enough sponsorships available. Thank you for your small contribution to climate protection.

Available with summer or winter tires!
Rim cleaner | 0,5 l
Our first own premium rim cleaner. The best for your rims. Application: Pre-rinse the surface with cold water only (no cleaning agent!). Apply our rim cleaner to the surface and let it work for a maximum of 1 minute. If necessary, work on with a sponge or brush, rinse off dissolved dirt with cold water. Important: Do not allow to dry! Do not use in direct sunlight! Do not use on chrome and polished rims!

Content: 0.5 liter (€34.00 / 1 liter)

Available with summer or winter tires!

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