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The English luxury car brand Jaguar was founded in 1922, at that time as Swallow Sidecar. In 1945, the brand was renamed Jaguar, a name synonymous with understatement. Classic elegance combined with sporty, dynamic luxury makes this brand unmistakable. Jaguar's best-known models are the S-Type, F-Type Convertible and Coupe, F-Pace, X-Type, XE, XF, XJ, XK and XKR. Since 2008, the Jaguar and Land Rover brands have been operating under one roof and embody the English attitude on four wheels. In order to always set accents in terms of both quality and appearance, you too can opt for or24.de from the manufacturer when buying new rims and wheels. We have the right summer or winter wheels for every model and every requirement. In our shop Original-räder.de you will find rims, summer tyres, winter tyres and complete wheels for your Jaguar.

Summer tyres and winter tyres - your online shop for Jaguar or24.de

Were you looking for Jaguar rims for your F-Type, S-Type or XE or summer wheels for the X-Type? For whichever model you are looking for wheels for your Jaguar, Original-Raeder.de has various offers for you to choose from. In addition to alloy wheels and rims, you can also buy summer tyres, winter tyres and all-weather tyres from us. And thanks to the best possible quality of factory wheels, all items are matched to your Jaguar. Opt for the highest level of quality and value stability when buying or24.de.

Original alloy wheels perfectly matched to your Jaguar

Trust in the original from Jaguar. Trust in quality and in class, rims and tyres from the manufacturer, without compromise. These summer or winter wheels, optimally matched to the requirements of your vehicle, offer you outstanding quality, economy and safety. Only with genuine Jaguar aluminium rims and tyres or the combination as complete wheels can you be sure that the products meet the requirements demanded by Jaguar.