Mercedes GLB rims with summer or winter tyres

Mercedes GLB: Lots of space, lots of comfort and even more individuality

The Mercedes GLB positions itself with its peculiarities between the GLA and the GLC. Probably the most striking feature of the GLB is the ample space it has to offer. And that literally. The interior of the GLB not only has plenty of space, but also a feeling of freedom.

The SUV is available with up to seven seats or optionally a boot with a volume of 1,800 litres. Whether you want to carry large luggage or lots of people, the Mercedes GLB is the right choice. The GLB is also equipped with the modern MBUX infotainment system. The adaptive voice assistant makes many things easier for you. The modern equipment also makes quite an impression with the widescreen monitor.

The quality of the GLB rims speaks for itself

Not only from the inside but also from the outside, the Mercedes GLB is convincing to the full. The wide wheelbase and angular design are a pleasant change from today's mostly rounded SUV models. This also makes the GLB surprisingly independent in the Mercedes family.

It is not for nothing that Mercedes itself describes it as the "most versatile compact SUV". Because the GLB not only looks good on the road, it also shines off-road. In the all-wheel-drive version, there is little to stop it. The modern suspension offers a surprising amount of comfort, which is rarely found in the compact SUV class. Safety is also a top priority in the GLB. Of course, the original Mercedes GLB rims are a must!

Not only do the original GLB alloy rims round off the overall appearance of the SUV, but the Mercedes GLB rims (17 inch - 20 inch) alone offer you the quality that your X247 deserves. The quality requirements for original Mercedes GLB alloy wheels are much higher than the standard. Only the alloy wheels that pass all endurance tests with flying colours are allowed to call themselves original Mercedes wheels.

With high quality comes damn good performance. The Mercedes GLB winter wheels or summer wheels not only make your SUV look better. At the same time, they have a much lower unsprung mass than conventional Mercedes complete wheels. This ensures that your comfort increases even further and that the handling of your GLB feels much better!