Mercedes G-Class rims with summer or winter tyres

Mercedes AMG G-Class Rims and Complete Wheels

Mercedes Benz G-Class: Big, strong and beautiful

The G-Class is a true off-road car, designed for use both on roads and off paved terrain. The rims are exposed to correspondingly high loads, which is why you should not compromise on their quality under any circumstances. Original light alloy wheels meet the highest quality standards and are subjected to numerous stringent tests before they go on sale. They are absolutely superior in terms of both material and workmanship, and are also an excellent visual match for the G-Class. Forged wheels, such as AMG rims, are particularly noteworthy, as they score points for their particularly low weight combined with maximum material strength. This ensures consistently high driving characteristics and maximum safety in all driving situations.

G-Class wheel sizes and wheel/tyre combinations

We have the following wheel sizes for the G-Class models or model series in the Mercedes Shop: 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch and 22-inch. Basically, there are different model series of the Mercedes Benz AMG G-Class.

Top prices for G-Class wheels in our shop

Our online shop offers you a well-stocked selection of original alloy wheels in various designs and sizes for your G-Class. Whether it's a closed G-Class, convertible or G63 AMG, we have the right complete summer wheels and complete winter wheels for every model, as well as the matching summer tyres and winter tyres. As a particularly convenient all-in-one solution, we can recommend complete wheels to you, because with these you get wheels and tyres in one package.

Look in our Mercedes Benz wheel catalogue - there you will find used and new wheels, complete winter wheels and complete summer wheels for your Mercedes Benz G-Class. The unique rim designs will also make your heart beat faster. Want to bet? The summer tyres and winter tyres with rims are specially designed for your Mercedes Benz. This gives you optimum handling and definitely more driving pleasure thanks to the customised or coordinated wheel and tyre combinations. You can now buy your original Mercedes Benz complete wheels and aluminium rims online at the best prices and even have a 100-day right of withdrawal! So, choose your desired Mercedes rims now, order them immediately and they will be with you in 2-3 days. Tell your friends about so that they can always reach their destination safely with the best quality. Thank you and have fun!

So, and now just buy the original Mercedes Benz G-Class alloy rims with summer or winter tyres.