Mercedes A-Class rims with summer or winter tyres

The A-Class: Always a pioneer for Mercedes Benz

With the first model generation (W168) of the A-Class, Mercedes-Benz presented a vehicle in the compact class for the first time in 1997. This is considered a pioneer in the minivan category and quickly became a bestseller.

In 2004, the successor W169 finally appeared, which was successfully built until 2012 before being replaced by the third-generation W176 vehicle. The third generation of the A-Class then had it all and meant nothing less than a design revolution for the entire Mercedes-Benz model range.

Suddenly there was no longer any sign of the van-like basic shape. From now on, the A-Class was sporty, modern and youthfully dynamic in design. As the design of the W176 was very popular with customers, it was carried over to all other models that appeared after the A-Class. As a result, Mercedes sold more cars than ever before.

Daimler AG's good sales success continues to this day, although the design of the vehicles is of course always evolving. The W177 also represents a new era for the brand, as Mercedes introduced the new MBUX infotainment system. This system works with an adaptive voice control. This was not even available in the luxury class before.

Original rims for the A-Class. Sporty, modern, dynamic

The modern exterior design of the last two A-Class generations is also continued in the matching original aluminium rims from Mercedes-Benz. Since the target group for the A-Class now tends to be made up of younger customers, the original rims are usually very sporty and modern in design.

The rims and complete wheels for the A-Class often have that certain something, because Mercedes can be a little more liberal with these models. For example, some rims stand out with a coloured rim edge - in specialist circles this effect is also known as lip polish". As you can see, the original rims really make a statement on your A-Class.

But that's not all, because aluminium rims also have a significant positive effect on the vehicle's handling. Since they reduce the unsprung mass of the car, the car can be moved much more agilely. This is not only interesting for a preferably sporty driving style, because the reduction of the unsprung mass also leads to a relief of the other chassis components.

Original aluminium rims for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class are high-quality products that meet the highest standards in both workmanship and material. This means that they not only deliver consistently high driving characteristics in all conceivable situations, but also the highest level of safety. Forged wheels, which combine the highest material strength with particularly low weight, are of particularly high quality.

Permitted wheel/tyre combinations on the Mercedes Benz AMG A-Class

Basically, there are different model series of the Mercedes Benz AMG A-Class. These are:

  1. Series W168 (1997-2004)
  2. Series W169 (2004-2012)
  3. Series W176 (2013-2018)
  4. Series W177 (from 2018)

Mercedes Benz A-Class W176 W177 Wheel Rim Sizes

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