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"A for Aufrecht, M for Melcher and G for Großaspach - the names behind these three letters are the starting point of a rapid development from a two-man business to a global brand. The story began in the 1960s: the two engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher are working in the development department of Daimler-Benz on the 300 SE racing engine - until the group stops all motorsport activities. " (AMG website)

AMG - three letters that stand for performance and passion and give every Mercedes fan goose bumps. Because what leaves the engine forge of Mercedes-AMG GmbH in Affalterbach does not have to hide from any HP bolide in the automotive world. Not only the power of the - true to the principle "one man, one engine" ”- hand-made assemblies triggers storms of enthusiasm. The design of the vehicles programmed for performance from the Mercedes star to the exhaust is a pleasure. An important part of the overall package are spoilers and other design refinements are the original AMG rims. With their unmistakable appearance and the high-performance materials used, they are unique and can hardly be replaced by wheels from third-party manufacturers. They don't have to be: whether for the CLA45, C63, GLC63 or the breathtaking GT Roadster - with us you can order and buy original Mercedes AMG alloy wheels in first-class quality!

What does AMG mean?

In June 1967, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher founded AMG in Großaspach. The company name is derived from Aufrecht - Melcher - Großaspach, the original company headquarters.

Matching original AMG alloy wheels for your dream car

The cars from the Mercedes tuning forge near Stuttgart are dream vehicles that represent a complete work of art. Flaws such as scratches or missing original rims can tarnish the picture for enthusiasts. But finding the original wheels of the cars can be difficult. Not with us: We offer original Mercedes AMG rims and wheels for many models in different designs and sizes. Discover high-quality summer tires, winter tires and complete wheels for popular AMG vehicles such as the A45, E63, SL65 or GLE63S in tested quality and at attractive prices in our range. These include particularly popular models such as the AMG 5-spoke rim in black or titanium gray or the multi-spoke rim with a petrol green rim flange based on the AMG Motorsport design.

Unbridled AMG performance

Mercedes AMG is not just any brand. AMG stands for insane speeds, breathtaking passion and a unique character.

An AMG is alive, you become one with your AMG while driving. You feel the road under the wheels, feel the emotions and enjoy the pure adrenaline. The adrenaline that shoots through your veins, like the powerful fuel that is pumped into the up to 12 cylinders of the incomparable AMG engines.

It is true top performance and maximum efficiency that unfold in the AMG engines and give you goosebumps that is almost addicting. But it is not just the Mercedes AMG engines that define the sporty character of an AMG.

Only the perfect interaction of clutch, transmission, drive shaft and differential creates an unbelievable symphony of high-performance technology, all of which bring the power of the AMG engine to the road. That is the art that has been mastered at the AMG headquarters in Affalterbach.

AMG rim designs for optimal speed

Since everything at Mercedes AMG revolves around optimal performance, the principle “form follows speed” also applies there. Translated, it means that AMG does not base its design on the most beautiful shape but on the shape that offers the most performance.

The interplay of form and function is the focus and yet Mercedes-AMG models are always an aesthetic work of art on four wheels. The uncompromising confession to unconditional performance.

Every part of the vehicle has been designed with care and consideration. Like the original AMG light alloy wheels. They are the completion of a wild and passionate overall picture that is bursting with performance.

The AMG aluminum rims are designed in such a way that they are not only ultra-light to guarantee an optimal unsprung mass. They are also perfectly aerodynamically designed to minimize drag and maximize speed. The mostly large spaces between the spokes benefit the high-performance brakes as they are cooled down by it.

The synergies that unfold between the individual parts, such as the AMG aluminum rims and the AMG Performance brakes, reflect what a masterpiece there is behind every single AMG model.

High-performance AMG complete wheels in various sizes

Driven by Performance is the motto at Mercedes AMG! Whether 18 inches, 19 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, 22 inches - there is the right rim size for every Mercedes AMG. It underlines the already sporty silhouette of sports cars and limousines or, in the case of the G-Class, ensures an extremely beefy look. The latter also impress with their particular resilience, so that the AMG wheels are not damaged even when driving off-road. Would you like something more luxurious? Real highlights for refinement - if this is possible with a Mercedes AMG - are the original forged wheels from AMG, which are available in large 23-inch format for the G63. They give the sporty off-road vehicle from Affalterbach a unique look that makes an impression.

Incidentally, the qualities of the Mercedes AMG alloy wheels remain the same regardless of size and vehicle type: Their lightweight construction reduces the vehicle weight and in this way contributes to even faster acceleration maneuvers. The top-performance materials, some of which have been tried and tested in motorsport such as Formula 1, in combination with the perfect workmanship ensure maximum safety. They also offer maximum safety and stability for high-speed journeys beyond the magical 300 km / h mark. Only AMG rims can offer you that, which we offer at fair and affordable prices in tested quality!