genuine BMW TPMS sensors 6856227 X3 F25 X4 F26 black RDCi RDKS NEW

Item number: 19568

Genuine BMW tire pressure sensors RDK RDCi with black valve attachment
Frequency: 433 MHz
Part number: 3610 6856227
Alternatively: 36 10 6 856 227
For the following car models BMW X3 F25 X4 F26 up to production date 03/2014

X3 18d B47 SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 18d N47N SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 18i SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 20dX B47 SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 20dX N47N SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 20i SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 20iX SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 28iX N20 SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 28iX N52N SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 30dX SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 35dX SAV (until 04.2014)
X3 35iX SAV (until 04.2014)
X4 20dX SAC (until 04.2014)
X4 20iX SAC (until 04.2014)
X4 28iX SAC (until 04.2014)
X4 30dX SAC (until 04.2014)
X4 35dX SAC (until 04.2014)
X4 35iX SAC (until 04.2014)
X4 M40iX SAC (until 04.2014)
Condition: New (Production year: 2015)

The sensors are only activated when in use. Therefore, a use of up to 6 years without hesitation possible.

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