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Item number: 3013

Original BMW tire pressure sensor new. Wheel electronics module RDCi
Frequency: 433 MHz
Part number: 3610 6876955
Condition: used
For vehicle models:

BMW X3 G01 X4 G02
BMW X5 G05
BMW X7 G07
BMW 3 series G20 G21
BMW 5 series G30 G31
BMW M5 F90
BMW 6 Series GT G32
BMW 7 series G11 G12
BMW 8 series G14 G15 G16
Scope of delivery: 4x sensor incl. Valves and cap

The date of manufacture and the status "used" is only partially relevant for the life of the battery in the sensor. When not installed, the sensors are in sleep mode and the battery is used minimally or not at all. The sensors were usually dismantled from the rims of demonstration models and thus still have a service life of approx. 6 years.

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